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Skills Assessment

Qualified Professionals

It is absolutely critical that our staff are experienced and qualified for the specific duties and tasks they will encounter.



 Skills Assessment

  Possessing the proper skills are essential for those who work for Vantage Nursing  Services. Listed below are a series of skills assessment tests which will help determine where you can best serve Vantage Nursing Services, Inc. and our clients.
  Documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format.
Checklist – Critical Care  
Checklist – Labor & Delivery  
Checklist – Medical-Surgical  
Checklist – Emergency Room  
Checklist – PACU  
Checklist – OR  
Checklist – Post Partum & Nursery  
Checklist – Telemetry  
Checklist - Pediatrics  
Checklist - Pediatrics Intensive Care  
Checklist–  Neonatal Intensive Care  
Checklist– CNA Skills  
Checklist– LVN  

Checklist –Instructions :

Please open and print the "Skills Assessment" checklists which will help qualify you for positions available.  Complete the checklists and then FAX back to (310) 217-1312.  

New Job listings are being added daily, so be sure to complete all checklist which apply to you and check back frequently.